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How to Get Success with the login Process?

Every router has a default IP address. Where some routers support, others can be configured using If you are using a WiFi router, then it is certain that you would be trying to access its login page using the default IP. But, what if your router's default IP is not working for you and you're unable to get success with the login process.

No need to worry! You have stumbled upon the right post! Here, we are going to define each and every step to get success with the login process.

There could be various reasons preventing you from accessing the login page of your router using the default IP. It could be related to a fault in wired connectivity or outdated firmware of your device. Whatever the problem you are facing while doing the login, walk through the steps below and get rid of the issue in a snap.

Troubleshoot Issues Behind login Not Working

Cross-check Your WiFi and Wired Connections

One of the most possible reasons behind getting the login issue could be related to the connectivity of your devices. If you have connected your router to the DSL cable or modem wirelessly, consider switching to wired connectivity.

At times, wireless connections are not strong enough. If so, you will not be able to get success with the login process. Just in case you have already used an Ethernet cable to connect your device, make sure it is not faulty and is connected in an accurate manner.

Update Your Internet Browser login issues can also be the result of an outdated web browser. If the web browser you are making use of for logging in to your router using the default IP is outdated, you will not succeed.

To cope up with the problem, simply update your internet browser to the recent software version. You can, however, switch to another web browser as well that is already up-to-date.

Bonus! While updating your browser, don’t forget to clear cache and cookies from it. Because the accumulation of lots of browsing junk in your browser can also stop you from doing router login.

Keep WiFi Interference Away

The closeness of your router to things emitting radio waves can also create issues while logging in to your router using the IP address. No matter whether you are using,, or, if your router is getting WiFi interference, you will not be able to reach the dashboard of your router.

For getting the issue fixed, either place your router on a higher surface or keep WiFi interference from your router at bay. To name a few, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, refrigerators, refrigerators, fish tanks, aluminum studs, and cordless phones are the most common culprits not letting users to make the most of their routers.

Verify IP Address and Login Details

Have you checked whether the IP address and login details used by you are correct? If not, do it now! Perhaps, while typing the IP address and login details of your router, you committed a typing mistake, which is showing a router login error.

Also, if you have changed the login details of your router after completing its configuration, make sure you are using the updated credentials to do router login.

Update Firmware

Getting a firmware update can also help you when it comes to fixing the login issues of a WiFi router. Because, when you update firmware, it brings various bug fixes and additional features to your device. This way, you enjoy seamless internet connectivity without any hurdle.

The only point you need to bear in mind while updating your device is to make sure you update the firmware version as per the model number of your router. Else, your device can stop working!

Reset and Reconfigure

The last resort to get the login issue fixed is to reset your device. Yes, the router login issues can also occur if your device is not configured in a proper manner. For getting rid of this, simply reset your router to default settings.

Once done, configure the device again and see if you can log in to your router.

These all the ways that can help you do away with the login issues. If still the issue is troubling you and you are unable to troubleshoot it, consider contacting our team of experts who are on their toes to help you fix your router issues.

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