Parental Control Router Feature Not Working?

Parental Control Router Feature Not Working? Let’s Fix It!

These days, you can find smart devices in the hands of kids of all ages. Whether your kid is of 5 or 15 years, internet access is highly demanded. But, this has raised the tension of parents – whether give digital freedom to kids or not. Luckily, many router companies have offered a rescue plan for parents with the offer of parental control. Parental control router feature helps parents limit internet access and keep their kids protected from online threats. Yes, you read it right!

By enabling the parental control router feature, you can monitor your kid’s devices, block access to certain sites, set screen time limits, and do a lot more. Now, the question arises what if you can’t enable Parental Control Router feature? Well, no need to worry! This is where this piece of writing will help you.

Why Parental Control Router Feature Not Working?

Parental control feature is the same as locking all doors of the home for your kids, especially when no one is at home. But, at times, the feature is not working. The reasons behind the issue can vary from person to person and situation to situation.

Here, we are going to jot down the most common reasons why the parental control router feature is not working for you. Read on.

  1. Cable connection between your router and modem is not proper.
  2. The device being used for the process is not having proper internet access.
  3. Parental control router feature is not enabled.
  4. Your router is not configured in a proper manner.

Now, as you got familiar with the causes behind getting the Parental Control router feature not working issue, let’s now start with the troubleshooting tips to get the issue fixed.

Troubleshoot: Parental Control Router Feature Not Working

Before you start off with any other step, the very first thing you can do is power cycle your WiFi router. Perhaps, a technical glitch with your device is not letting you use the parental control feature of your router. Once done with rebooting, access the settings of your WiFi router using and see if the parental control feature is now working for you.

Still Facing Same? Try the Troubleshooting Tips given below for getting the issue fixed.

1. Cross-check Cable Connections

If your router is connected to the internet source or modem with the help of an Ethernet cable, then ensure that the cable is not worn out from any point. If it is, consider replacing it right away with a new one. Just in case, you are not having access to an additional cable, try connecting your router to the modem wirelessly.

2. Check Internet Availability

Make sure the device being used for accessing the Parental Control router feature is having proper internet access.

If you are using a smartphone, then disable its data and get it connected to the WiFi only. Connecting your device to both the internet sources can also lead to the problem you are currently facing. Apart from that, if you are using a laptop or desktop, ping to see if you are getting proper internet from the end of your Internet Service Provider.

3. Make Sure the Feature is Enabled

Next, you need to ensure that the feature is properly enabled by you. You can do the same, by accessing the dashboard of your device. Once there, navigate to Settings > Parental Controls.

Check if the radio button lying in the front of the Parental Controls position is set to the ON position. If not, enable the feature by settings it the ON position.

4. Reset Your Router

Lastly, you may find issues while accessing the Parental Controls router feature if your device is not configured in a proper manner.

For fixing this, you are advised to reset your router to the default factory settings. As soon as you are done with taking your router back to its factory settings, configure it again from scratch by accessing the IP address.

Pro Tip: If the above-given IP address is not working and you are unable to make your router up and running, feel free to contact or technical experts for quick assistance. FYI, we’re available 24x7.

The Concluding Thought

This is all about why Parental Control router feature is not working and how to get the issue fixed. If the information given above helped you, our motive to write the blog is complete. If still something is there you need assistance for, drop us a line via mail.

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