Router IP Not Working

Why Router IP Not Working? How Can I Fix It? is the default IP address that helps in making a WiFi router up and running. No matter which router model you own, the IP address works well with all the devices when it comes to making them operational. Although using the default IP you can access the login page of your router without any hassle, still sometimes it creates issues. Many users recently reported that is not working for them. If you are also experiencing the same, there could be some technical glitch with your device.

Luckily, you can fix the problem by making use of some easy-to-use troubleshooting tips. Here, we will help you diagnose various reasons that could be creating not working issue for you so that you can get it fixed. So, what are your waiting for? Walk through the steps below and get rid of the not working issue in a snap.

Why Router IP Not Working For You?

  • First and foremost reason behind facing the router IP not working issue can be the use of the wrong IP address. supports certain router brands. So, make sure whether the IP address you are using to access your router login page is compatible to work with the router brand you own. If not, as an alternate, try using to see if it works for you.
  • Make sure your router is plugged into a working power socket and is getting a sufficient power supply. Also, keep in mind to use the power adapter that you have received with the pack of your router.
  • Closeness of your router to the devices emitting radio waves can also create the router IP not working issue. For fixing this, keep your router away from things like baby monitors, cellular phones, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc.
  • Use of a web browser that is outdated and carrying the junk of browsing cache and cookies can also stop you from getting success with the router login via default IP. Therefore, either switch to a web browser running the latest software version or consider updating your currently used web browser to get rid of the issue. Also, bear in mind to delete cache and cookies from your browser for avoiding any further browser-related issues.
  • If an Ethernet cable has been used by you to connect your router to the modem, make sure there are no cuts in it. A faulty or improper cable can also cause the IP not working issue.
  • Lastly, you may not reach out to the dashboard of your router via if your router is not in the range of your modem or is not configured in a proper manner. To do away with the problem, change the placement of your router or reset it to the default settings.

These all are the most possible reasons why users get stuck with the not working issue. We hope after having a nudge on the points, you will be able to get rid of the problem. Just in case still you can't make the most of your router and looking for some troubleshooting tips, looking at the below section can be of great help.

How to Troubleshoot Not Working Issue

Before you break into trying various troubleshooting tips for fixing your router IP issue, run a ping test on your device with the help of Ping and see if you are getting proper WiFi signals from your Internet Service Provider. Perhaps, the problem is from the end of your ISP and you're wasting time on diagnosing and fixing the router IP not working issue.

If still the situation is same and you can't land on the dashboard of your router, give the following troubleshooting hacks a shot.

  1. Power cycle your router: Yes, at times, rebooting your device can help in fixing various software and hardware-related glitches. So, unplug your router from its wall socket and plugin it back after a while.
  2. Update firmware: Bringing firmware updates to your device can also help when it comes to fixing the router IP not working problem. However, keep in mind to update the firmware of your router as per the router model you have.
  3. Disable Certain Apps: To access the router login page using if you are using a device that is having a firewall or ad-blocking software installed on it then consider disabling such apps on a temporary basis to get the issue resolved.
  4. Reset and Reconfigure: If you are not sure that your router is configured in a proper manner, reset the device to the default factory settings. Once you are done, set up the device again and try to access Possibly, this time you get success.
  5. Nothing worked? Well, our tech support executives can be your last resort to get the not working issue fixed. Contact our experts and ask them to help you get rid of the issue. They will not only diagnose but also help you fix the issue in a matter of minutes.

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